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The Interview Process: Sage Bundle

The Interview Process: Sage Bundle

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We all know how much time and effort goes into finding the perfect job. After months or even years of searching, it can be hard to feel prepared for an interview without having researched potential employers beforehand- but what if I told you there was a way where YOU could research them AND prepare your answers ahead? This is exactly why we have put together this step by step guide on getting ready before applying so that when interviewing comes around (no matter which side) not only will they ask questions based on knowledge gained throughout preparation; But also make sure any gaps in experience don't go unnoticed during assessment interviews.


What's Included in the Bundle

  • Cover Letter Templates: Slide to the top of the pile by inspiring a little curiosity. Give the recruiter and hiring manager a reason to read your resume.
  • Resume Templates: The table of contents. Demonstrate you have the experience necessary to solve their problems and more. Backed by design that draws attention and gets you the interview.
  • PowerPoint Template: The chapter summaries. The only thing better than telling your story is inviting the decision-makers into a visual experience. We bring your resume to life by leveraging psychology that builds emotional connection and leaves the hiring managers with no doubt YOU are the missing ingredient to their success.
  • Brag Book Template: The highlight reel. Once the interviews are complete and it comes down to the difficult selection between a few highly qualified candidates, give them the snapshot that reminds them of what sets YOU apart.
  • Thank You Note Templates: The fortune is in the follow-up! Now that you've made an impression with the interview, seal the deal with memorable Thank You notes that set you apart. There's no traffic jam at the extra mile!
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